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HealthNow Home Healthcare runs a range of in-home healthcare services that offer convenience, competitive pricing and the highest quality care. Our highly trained and compassionate health care professionals include speech, occupational and physical therapists, dietitians, medical social workers as well as many others.

Our services allow patients to still live and enjoy their own lives, rather than being confined to a bland hospital room. Whether the patient is dealing with a chronic condition or recovering from an illness, HealthNow Home Healthcare allows them to stay in their own home, surrounded by friends and family.


HealthNow Healthcare uses a team of healthcare professionals to assess the needs of patients and give them the care that they need to minimize recovery times.


We have highly trained and passionate staff equipped with the latest knowledge and certification. They work with the patient’s doctor to give optimal care and support. HealthNow Healthcare is the reliable choice for in-home healthcare, offering home support services, nursing and therapy. If you or a family member are recovering from an injury, dealing with illness or just need some more help, HealthNow provides premium and respectful care that ensures the best outcome for the patient.

Our Mission

We endeavor to provide the best home healthcare and ensure that each patient gets the treatment they need.

Our Vision

HealthNow Healthcare aims to be the top choice in home healthcare within the areas that we serve. We offer the best available care through highly-trained and passionate healthcare professionals. They take pride in their work, using top treatment programs to provide optimal recovery outcomes and patient satisfaction. Each service and treatment plan is customized for the individual patient and the communities that we serve.


At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we offer top-notch home nursing services that provide families with the peace of mind that they need. We are able to achieve this through the provision of coaching, as well as, comprehensive support two patients who probably are making the transition from a hospital or nursing facility.

First, we will consult the physicians at the facility about the patient before the discharge and, also, during the discharge process. Then, we will continue to keep up with the patient once they get to their homes in order to ensure that every recommendation is adhered to and that the recovery process takes place as originally planned.

We offer unrivaled nursing services in the home in the entire bay area and we have our staff always on standby to receive your calls and attend to all your inquiries all around there.

Our home nursing services

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we offer premium in-home nursing services as follows –

  • Wound care management
  • Comprehensive education with respect to diseases and treatments
  • Comprehensive health evaluations such as monitoring patients blood pressure, levels of glucose, telemonitoring, monitoring after operations
  • IV management
  • Training, as well as, management of ostomy & colostomy
  • Medical reports and reconciliation of medications
  • Medication administration
  • Injections
  • Care for the foot
  • Management of tubes, drains, and bags.
  • Management of urinary catheter

How our nursing services will benefit you

At HealthNow, our nurses provide patients with direct care at their homes while taking the time to educate them and their loved ones regarding the kind of care and treatment that they provide. Some ways in which our top-notch services can benefit patients are –

  • Patients get the chance to make a transition from the hospital to their own homes quicker
  • They do not always have to visit the hospital or even nursing homes
  • Clients get to be more comfortable while at home while still getting support from their loved ones
  • You can have their families around them during challenging situations which help to boost their morale
  • The chances of recovery are higher at home than elsewhere
  • patients enjoy increased levels of independence while receiving care in their own home
  • The cost of nursing care in the home is much more affordable than other methods of care

Our social work ethic

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we have medical social workers who show deep empathy, as well as, compassion to our clients and display a positive personality even when situations get very challenging. With so much commitment to helping patients and their loved ones to handle the difficulties that arise with challenging times, our medical social workers help our team members to have a deeper understanding of all the socio-emotional factors that are related to the condition of a patient.

They collaborate with our healthcare professionals in the design and development of a comprehensive care plan, keep record notes of clinical progress, make use of the right community resources related to the needs of the patient, and display great responsibility in order to ensure that every patient gets all that is needed to keep them safe and comfortable at home.

Occupational Therapy

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we are experienced in the provision of occupational therapy. All professional therapists will conduct an in-depth evaluation which will be used in the design of a treatment plan that is customized to suit the needs of our clients. The plans that we come up with are geared towards enhancing the skills, as well as, the abilities of our patients by considering their physical, psychological, emotional, and social conditions. We know how important occupational therapy is in helping patients to relearn everyday skills and carry out daily activities such as dressing or writing etc.

Who qualifies for occupational therapy?

Patients who have experienced the following are eligible for HealthNow occupational therapy –

  • Heart attack
  • A stroke
  • Replacement surgery
  • Pains in the joint
  • Difficulties with bathing, eating, and dressing
  • Deteriorating functionality

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we have occupational therapists who are compassionate and have the expertise to assist you in regaining independent functionality. Occupational therapy is designed in such a way that you will be able to return to your daily life activities in record time and in a safe manner. We are totally committed to helping you.

Speech Therapy

The importance of speech and language in our everyday lives cannot be overestimated. These two important abilities are required for independence, as well as, the ability to function effectively. Patients who have difficulties with speech and language can benefit a lot from speech therapy.

HealthNow Home Healthcare specializes in assisting patients who have difficulties with –

  • Breathing
  • Speaking
  • Swallowing
  • Communication
  • Voice
  • Cognition

These conditions may arise from a stroke, injuries to the head, respiratory conditions, medical issues, aging, degenerative conditions, surgery, and more. At HealthNow, we are totally committed to providing professional assistance to patients who have speech-related problems to help them in their journey to take back control of their lives. If you reside in the bay area, we are willing to visit your home to provide you with speech therapy and assessments to ascertain the condition and determine the best processes that would help us achieve the best results for you.

Yes, we will come to you! With our comprehensive speech therapy services, patients have experienced benefits which include a louder voice, much clearer speech, improved intelligibility in speech, natural speech rate, and improved facial expressions while speaking.

Our professional health therapists

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we take pride in expertise in the provision of musculoskeletal care. We have the best physical therapists in the entire bay area who possess in-depth knowledge of various specialties while being totally committed to helping you.

Our professional physical therapists will stop at nothing until you experience improvement and restoration in your mobility, as well as, muscle strength. We will come to your home and offer you a premium physical therapy service provided by physical therapists that are highly trained.

HealthNow physical therapists have been trained and licensed. We possess the required expertise in assisting our clients with recovery. We take steps to design a treatment plan that is customized and personalized to match the needs of our clients. No matter what your physical condition is, contact HealthNow Home Healthcare today as our physical therapy solutions will assist you in the restoration of your body functionality.



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